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How did you start your singing career?

Well, my family tells the story that since I was 2 years old, my papa would pick me up from school every Thursday and he would play Andrea Bocelli in the car.  He heard me humming in the backseat and told my mom “Ava is actually singing in key”!  My mom was like yeah right - and would not take it seriously as I was the only grandchild and in his eyes I am very special. And from that time on, I was always singing & performing.  I started in school choirs, charity events, musical theatre & I have always been drawn to performing. It was my “go to” way to emotionally express myself.  Once the pandemic hit, I had the chance to be back home in LA and really focus all my energy on making music. I fell in love with sessions and the process.


Can you tell me more about your new single See Me Now?

I wrote it with the producer Emile Ghantous and bassist Lesley Johnson - who also came up with the instrumental. It started with me talking about heartbreak and getting through to the other side and we just collaborated from there. It's a groovy, disco and laid back track. I am a vocalist first and have a pretty low voice - so for this chorus I am singing  and talking which is very new for me. I think it is such a good groove. Like sometimes you just want to talk it out. As I mentioned, it is about coming up on top, from what was hard in your life. I am very excited for this song to come out on my 20th birthday!

What are you studying?

I am studying music at the Clive Davis Institute at NYU/Tisch and psychology. Most of my classes are music business, music history and production classes. The whole point of the program is to become a completely self sufficient artist. As a young female artist, I think it's important to be educated about all aspects of making music. I like shocking people and proving myself in the room when they usually expect you to just be “the singer”.  I strive to prove myself in the room and be the most grounded, knowledgeable artist possible

You are only 19 and you are so mature, how? And how did you know that music is what you want to do in your life?

Being an only child, I was around adults most of the time and we traveled a lot. That impacted the way I am. My mom says I am an old soul. You are sort of born with it.

What is your next step?

Once the quarantine is over & people are vaccinated - I hope to tour. I just want to perform live, it’s my favorite thing to do. I also am very focused on writing songs.  Another one of my favorite things to do, that I’ve done my entire life, is to travel. I think that that’s the best form of education you can get, is to experience cultures that are not your own.  I get very fascinated by human beings and how they work, I can’t wait to release more music, tour and travel.

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What do you mainly sing about?

Usually it is about what I am personally going through, or whatever is on my mind. Being a 19 year old teenage - heartbreak, friendship & life experiences. For example, with my single that is out, "Lay Low” it is about female empowerment, going out with girls having a great time, engaging in hookup culture and not letting someone define your night. My new single that is coming out on Feb 19th “See Me Now”, is about going through a hard time and coming out on top. Learning and becoming a more developed person. I can say the major theme is self empowerment definitely.


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