The Bloom Twins

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Photographer / AMY LIDETT, Stylist / HOI LIU, Makeup / MARINO ASAHI, Hair / KANAE KIKUCHI, Illustration by Kimberly Elliot

Put on your headsets, close your eyes and take a short trip into the fascinating minds of Bloom Twins. The distinct overlay between emotionally charged, powerful vocals and harmonies, backed with an exquisite cocktail of electronic and instrumental melodies form the type of sound that’s utterly honest yet dreamlike. The Twins touch on such subtle complexities and effortlessly glide through them like seasoned mavericks. 

Theirs is the kind of atmospheric music made for those who can appreciate the fact that darkness exists in all of us. And sometimes, in rare instances, brave young artists boldly wander into those dark alleys to pull out sounds that are truly addictive. And even though we feel melancholy, we can all connect, knowing that there is real beauty to be found in those seldom-visited places.

Over the last two years, the synth-pop sensations have made waves in the music and fashion industry with memorable performances alongside Katy Perry, and other music and media icons. With their latest song ‘She’s not me’, the Twins continue to mesmerize their growing band of listeners.  

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Umer R.

What inspired you to pick up an instrument?

Well, our parents were ‘inspired’ by us making sounds (noise) 24/7, so they decided that it’s better for us to put our energy into something creative. That was the best choice they could ever make! As soon as we entered our music school we opened a new magical world for ourselves.

It is interesting to see how different kids are becoming a perfect union when they start harmonising together, or how shy people become so confident when they play their favourite pieces. Music world is a world where everything is possible. 

Left: (Sofia) Suit / JH ZANE, Right (Anna) Top / JH ZANE Bodysuit / WEEKDAY

Do you take inspiration from the world of fashion and design when it comes to your music?

100 percent. Music is a way to express yourself and what can complete it better than fashion? We love that we get to meet these two entities. They are inseparable like my sis and I. Also, by experimenting with the outfits, we get to try out new identities that can inspire us to write new songs. 

Left (Anna) Shirt / NODRESS Trousers / STYLIST’S OWN Right (Sofia) Shirt / NODRESS Trousers / JH ZANE Scarf / STYLIST’S OWN

Are independent artists getting the kind of media attention they deserve?

I think it’s better for listeners to decide if independent artists are getting the kind of attention they deserve. What I can say for sure is that it’s really tough for independent artists to be heard. That should be changed.

The beauty of social media services is that it’s possible to be heard, to stay connected with your fans that were following you since day one, but it’s also very easy for good artists to be lost in the ‘World Wide Web’.

(Sofia) Suit / JH ZANE

How did Bloom Twins get into Dark Pop?

Sometimes it feels as if we didn’t get into dark pop, but dark pop absorbed us deep without leaving much choice. It is when we started to develop our two different identities we discovered dark pop. It is not just a music genre anymore, but a lifestyle. It is a compromise between black and white. It is happy and sad moments we go through. It is where the world of fashion and music clash. It is chemistry between our audience and us on stage. It is my sister and I, the total opposites that fit so well. It is everything. 

Right(Anna) All clothes / NODRESS Shoes / RUE ST Left (Sofia) Dress / NODRESS Coat / STEVEN TAI Shoes / STYLIST’S OWN

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