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Photography / BOY/GIRL, Fashion / SYLVESTER YIU, Hair / YOKO SETOYAMA using Oribe, Makeup / ANASTASIA BOROVIK, 1st Photo Assist / MEHRAN PAKGPHAR
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How did you start your film/acting career? or say how, when did you realize you were an actress or wanted to act?

I was about thirteen, I was watching a British show called Holby City and there was a character in it called Connie Beauchamp and I was like I wanna be a heart surgeon! My mom asked if I wanted to be a heart surgeon or if I wanted to be the woman who’s playing the heart surgeon. I went on like I want to be like the woman who’s playing the heart surgeon, I want to be the actress. My mom helped me write to the Sylvia Young agency in London, and so I went in and had a meeting with them and they signed me. I’ve been acting ever since.

Knitted dress by KNITSS, trainer - Jordan’s own

How long did until you found out that you got the role of the Tempest.

Actually not that long, it was only a couple weeks. I remember at that time I was still working part time at a bar, and I remember seeing a missed call from my agent at the end of my shift. For some reason in my head I thought, ‘Oh it’s too soon for it to be good news’. Once I phoned my agent and found out I got the role, I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

How it was like to be working with a legend aka Ridley Scott?

It was amazing, it was really really great. He had the whole picture in his head. He’ll give notes and know when to rehearse. I remember flying out there and being really nervous you know,  it’s a new job, it’s science fiction and you’re being directed by Ridley Scott! As soon as we landed, everyone was so nice and welcoming. We had such an amazing cast and crew. Straight away we just started having fun in this epic world that was created.

Left: Red shirt with side bow details by MALENE ODDERSHEDE BACH, knitted skirt by KNITSS, vest stylist’s own. Right: Floral print dress by MALENE ODDERSHEDE BACH, ‘dragon’ knitted headpiece by APUJAN

What other characters you wish you had played in Raised by Wolves.

I think I would have to go for Mother, she’s such a badass character.

Some directors in your wishlist?

There's quite a few. One director who has been on my list for a long time is Pedro Almodóvar.

Some actors/actresses in your wishlist?

Again It's a big list. But I would say one of the actresses I’d love to work with is Viola Davis. She does incredible incredible work, hearing her talk about her craft at her roundtables is always so inspiring.

Left: Floral print dress by MALENE ODDERSHEDE BACH

How and when were you casted for the role of the tempest? What was your casting like?

For Raised by Wolves, I initially went in the room and met the Casting Director and that went really well. Then for the second round, I was asked for a self tape. So I did that and sent that off to the team. It was really quick.

Was the casting process difficult or easy?

It’s a strange thing at least for me personally, as an actor you know when you have gotten a job & you know when you’ve done a bad audition. But I feel like you never really know when you booked a job, all you know is that you’ve the best you possibly could do in that moment.

Green heavy knit and boots both by MALENE ODDERSHEDE BACH, trousers with contrast details by APUJAN

How would you gauge the success of the show? did it meet or exceed the expectations?

I’ve been getting feedback from the people who’ve watched it and what they think. They all seem to really really enjoy it and love the story that’s being told. It was such a joy to work on, and I personally love sci-fi and it’s great that lot’s of people are just as excited and moved by the show.

What other projects are you looking forward to? In another way what’s next in line?

It’s been announced that there will be season two for Raised by Wolves so I’m very happy about that. I’ve also been using the time in lockdown to start writing and getting some ideas down on paper.

Is there anything you wanna say to your fans at BBTV?

I’m so glad that they’ve been watching and enjoying the show as much as we loved making it.

Green heavy knit and boots both by MALENE ODDERSHEDE BACH, trousers with contrast details by APUJAN

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