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Korantemaa / The Cover Child

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Sweater / Fendi Skirt / Saint Laurent at TheOutnet Pants / Salvatore Ferragamo


Photography / MANNBUTTE, Film by JULLZ BEK, Fashion Director / KEANOUSH DA ROSA, Hair / ANNE-SOFIE BEGTRUP, Makeup / TONI MALT, Stylist Assistant / Mallory Mclane, Retouch / RETOUCH COLLAGE / Lighting Assistant / Abuzar Samo, Special thanks to Grip Studios

We discovered Korantemaa while listening to ALT-J’s Deadcrush. It was then when we came across the very best cover done by Korantemaa, known to two hundred thousand of her YouTube subscribers. Since then we started listening to her music, combined with covers and originals.

As we begin to discover her world, we felt that she is exactly who we would cover for our summer issue. 18 Years old, Korantemaa (originally named Johanna Kohlsson), Sweden-based YouTube sensation flew all the way to the sand & dunes to shoot with the BBTV creatives. We found her really humble, low-key, art bursting out of her energy and very focused. We did an exclusive interview, featuring the editorial and covers.

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Mann & Jullz

In terms of genre, how would you define the relation of your originals with the covers you do?

My originals are of course, more personal and I want to focus more on creating originals, music videos once I get some time & space.

I really can’t explain one genre at the moment. Earlier I wanted to go R&B like artists such as Frank Ocean and Solange from the indie world, but then when I sat down to write down songs I started to get stuck because I was bound to an image, that it has to sound like this. Then I started experimenting with different instruments and what sounded good to me and at the same time unique. I don’t want be called an “indie” artist.

Sweater / ASOS x Unknown London Eyewear / Stylists Own Cap / Area di Barbara Bologna

What is your direction in terms of writing your songs?

I always want to represent a feeling & it’s always personal. Everything in my songs doesn’t have to be really true, but I want to represent a feeling in my songs and I want to do that by writing about incidents that really happened to me, but sometimes I want to imagine scenes or pictures and then I decide if that’s the feeling I want to represent in my songs. 

Top / Salvatore Ferragamo Pants / Lama Jouni
Blazer / ASOS Top / Marni Earrings / Elsa O Pants / ASOS x Unknown Boots / Stuart Weitzman

Were you scared when you discovered your unique voice? How did you know this is how you wanted to sing like?

When I was really young I was always trying to find my own voice, something unique. That was mostly during the time I started doing the covers. And I would kind of mimic the vocals or the tricks. I really don’t think there was a recipe, but then with time you discover and you find your own tone. When I was a very young I felt my voice was bit boring & that’s one of the reasons I did a lot of experimenting with my singing until I started feeling good about it. But you really have to spend a lot of time with it.

Shirt & Pants / ASOS x Unknown London Jacket / Tommy Hillfiger Dress / Valentino Earrings / Oscar De La Renta at Shopbop Boots / Stuart Weitzman
Left: Jacket & Top / Valentino, Right: Boots / Fendi
Shirt & Pants / ASOS x Unknown London Jacket / Tommy Hillfiger Dress / Valentino Earrings / Oscar De La Renta at Shopbop

What is Korantemaa?

When I started uploading on YouTube, I started doing Swedish songs and felt that my name was kind of boring, so I wanted to figure out a cool & unique name and then I chose my middle name.

Blazer / Etro Sweater / Iris & Ink Hood / Valentino

How did you discover your management, were you looking for someone? Were there any record labels approaching you?

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging about myself, but when I was exploding on my YouTube channel, I started getting a lot of people contacting me. A lot of the record labels started sending me contracts, but I felt currently I wanted to stay independent and not sign with a label, as yet. I felt that if I was going to sign a label it might change my direction and I wasn’t currently ready for it.

Are you producing anything at the moment?

Yes, I am producing one of my originals this summer with a team in Denmark. Once it is done, I would love to work on the music video. I really love what Solange is doing with her music videos as a director. But I also have an idea of a music video to kind of make it like a “short film” and also somehow make it part of my school project. I haven’t done the planning yet. Once the song is ready, I would concentrate on the video. 

Earrings / Mirit Weinstock at ShopBop Jacket, Blazer & Skirt / Fendi Jeans / SemSem

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