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Joel Babicci

Photography / MIA RANKIN @ Work Agency, Makeup / JOEL BABICCI @ Company1 using MAC, Hair GAVIN ANESBURY @ Viviens Creative Models / CLARE @ IMG, HEMA @ Debut Management MILANI @ IMG, GRACE @ Priscillas

The eye story captured by the photographer MIA RANKIN & JOEL BABICCI is a statement of it's own. As Joel Babicci creates strictly oval shaped eye styles that suits the overall mood and faces shown in the story. The team has created some mesmerizing images breaking through our No.6 Beautiful Blood Online Issue. Soon we will discover more artists visa our BBTV platform.

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Mann & Jullz

How did yo start your career as a makeup artist?

When I was a child, I was always in awe of watching my grandmother apply her makeup, Blood red Lipstick and pale powdery foundation- she would never let anyone see her, as she would call it " Without my face on" . I was fascinated with the transformative power of makeup. As I grew up, my closest friends were the "Goths" and the "Ravers" who were always playing with different extreme makeup looks becoming their fantasies by changing themselves with makeup.  This early appreciation inspired me to head into the makeup world.

Any makeup artist should you look up to?

I really love the work of Serge Lutens - The work he produced for Christian Dior cosmetics and Shiseido really are the Holy grail of makeup imagery. Also Stephane Marais is someone who's work I really admire - his moody creations are breathtaking.

We love this collaboration between you and Mia. How did you two meet and how did this conception happened ?

Mia and I met through friends. We came up with this shoot with a desire to create something fresh and different. For us it was really important to have the images look modern but with the feeling of looking at a memory.

What’s makeup to you? And what seems to be the future of it.

Makeup to me is Freedom. The freedom to become who or what you want to! Hopefully we are moving on from the standard cookie-cutter idea of Makeup, using it to simply make ones self "pretty" or "sexy",  to somewhere more about embracing flaws and embracing the personality no matter how out there that is!

What’s was your thought process in creating these looks?

These looks are loosely inspired by the voice of Nico and her lyrics in the velvet underground song "All Tomorrows Parties" and also Rave culture. The idea of being able to play dress up and try on different looks to become a different person even if it is only for a brief moment in time.

What’s key on your kit ?

My key products include a good rich moisturiser, Lip exfoliator, Mac Face+Body Foundation- it really blends into the skin and has a beautiful natural finish or can be built up for more coverage , MAC Paintsticks -colours can be mixed to get any colour you could dream , MAC Pigments in an array of colours and MAC mixing medium. Also a good black eyeliner is essential I like MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack .

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