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Guita Rei


Read about GUITA Rei & how she started  her career in music, at the age of 4. We have been looking out for REI ever since we saw her at TED. She is known for her iconic mix lang-lyrical tunes and SUPER guitar skills. Her songs COCOA, Tumblin’ and BLACK BANANA are hits at YouTube. Read more to know much about Rei in her exclusive interview with Beautiful Blood editors, Mann & Jullz. Also check an an amazing editorial exclusively for for BBTV by Japan based photographer Hideyuki Hayashi.

Born in Hyogo prefecture, Japan on February 5th of 1993, Rei is a 20 year old aspiring female artist, guitarist and singer.  Brought up in New York during her childhood years, she started classical guitar at the age of 4 and was fascinated by the Blues music at the age of 5. Her favorite musicians are Johnny Winter, Blind Blake, J.B. Lenoir and Jeff Lang, etc.

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Mann & July

When did you know you were a musician? How it all began?

I started classical guitar at the age of 4 when I was living in New York. I saw a woman playing guitar on the TV and asked my parents if I could have “that toy”. Since then, I’ve always wanted to be with the guitar and naturally began to dream of being a musician.

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We have seen you mix Japanese and English in your lyrics? Would you continue to do that as your style?

Being bilingual, it was a natural choice for me to blend the two languages since they both have different characteristics that enhance the music, both sound and meaning wise. I don’t know if I’ll continue on with this style, but I’m willing to adjust the ratio between the two depending on where I release or perform the song.

What is your most favorite song from your work & why?

That’s hard for me to decide! But I’m in the mood of “Tumblin’” a song I wrote inspired from Gypsy Jazz and Big Band style. It’s a song about how keeping up with busy life duties can sometimes be an overwhelming race, but those who keep on working hard will be rewarded.

Rei "Tumblin’" (Official Music Video)

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Jacket by Discovered, Polo shirt & Hat by Laboratory/Berberjin®, Harness suspenders by 6-D Sebastian Masuda, Trousers by Fumiku

We hear a mix of pop, jazz, blues, rock and roll..What should we call your genre?

I’d call my genre “Rei”. Although it might not be a descriptive answer for those who haven’t listened to my music yet, the musicians I’ve looked up to are always original and cannot be categorized. In that sense, Beck is my role model, since he has developed his own distinctive genre of an old school blues/ rock feel infused with contemporary hip hop beats.

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Would you like to share an upcoming news with us?

I am hopefully going to release overseas this year so please look forward to further news at my website ( or my social media, Twitter/Facebook!

Is Guita, a Guitar in your name?

Yes it is! I liked the way “guitar” and “Rei” can be combined into one word as “guitarei” so I’ve been using it for my accounts/websites and whatnot, it’s not technically my artist name. But please feel free to call me that, if you like ☺ 

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