The Most Beautiful Common in the World

Helena Narra - I WAS BORN WITH IT

Cover Story

Toni Lobaa at Two Management

Photographer / Uwe Koerner Hair & Makeup / Helena Narra Fashion / Romina Schenone Casting / Karen Stehle
Edited By

Mann & Jullz

How did yo start your career as a makeup artist?

I started when I was a kid. My mum showed me pictures of me doing paintings on myself and on a friend. It is unforgettable. My aunt once got so angry when she discovered that I painted her favorite black & white painting with colors…it was with red lips…. rouge. I got in so much trouble. For real I first started doing hair before makeup.

What was your first official editorial? What can you tell us about the experience?

To be honest I don’t remember my first official editorial. But I remember my first biggest campaign. It was with Jürgen Teller for Vivienne Westwood and it was just unforgettable. We shot the whole day and the night... it was wild :) 

Any makeup artist should you look up to?

Hmm difficult question. With social media we see so much make up looks, in all different ways and also from artists everywhere. It’s all an inspiration.

What’s key on your kit ?

Key in may kit is definitely many Cremes and oils for the skin. I love the Augustinus Bader Cream, it’s always in my bag. And for the Hair i love the Oribe Texture Spray. 

What’s was your thought process in creating these looks?

I mostly decide on the make up looks when I have seen the model and the clothes, never before. I like to be inspired in the moment. It’s when I talk to the model and see the style, the colors of the clothes, everything is an inspiration.

What do you look into a beauty model?

I don’t have a favorite type of Beauty models I see in every face beautiful. 

Whats your most favorite work you have done?

My favorite work, for sure was the Vivienne Westwood Campaign and that’s when I was  head of Make up at Moncler we had a camouflage look which I liked a lot, and a cover for Tush Magazine. 

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